Now guys, please understand, every time I join the server, I am absolutely flooded with requests, and messages. If you have an urgent request, bug or issue, please contact me on MineSpuds discord, which can be found in the websites header, or send an email to support@minespud.com

Guys before I get started, I really appreciate all MineSpud's players, it is truly amazing that so many from our old community came back and we are already getting new regulars. We really need to come together right now, as it is really crucial for everyone to do their part to help MineSpud get more players and I by my self can only do so much. Once MineSpud hits 50 average players, I am going to start hiring developers to custom code bending abilities that you ask for and plugins you want, and maybe add another server to MineSpud as a separate RPG, and I am open to suggestions. What I need you to do, is that when a new player joins the server, help them, talk to them, include them, and INVITE them to your faction (crucial)! You can set up ranks so they can't grief, so just include them! As of today, every new player you get to join your faction, I will give $5,000 of Fe to, please take a screenshot of them first joining and the message it sends, and then one of them in your faction and put them below this post with your MineCraft name and I will take care of it.

I'll start with the fun stuff:

Features Implemented:
  • Faction Rank Ups. Do you want to have perks while in your factions territory or be able to invite more people? Then type /rankup and hover your mouse over the items.
  • Daily Bonuses, every day you join the server in a row, you get a payout! The more days you join in a row, the larger the pay out, type /db or /dailybonus to use this.
  • Bucket Gen Walls, when you place a bucket of say obsidian, where lava would use fall will be replaced with...
Welcome to The Official Opening of MineSpud :)

I am pleased to announce, that MineSpud will officially be opening on the 10th of January, in approximately 3 days time. Find the count down here:

https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=263&iso=20180110T18&year=2018&month=1&day=10&hour=18&min=0&sec=0&msg=MineSpud Opening!&csz=1

This server originally opened in 2012, under the name Server Elementals. In 2014, the name was changed to MineSpud, and in 2016, due to a number of circumstances, MineSpud was shutdown. This server is now under different ownership, however the original owner still does have some influence. I am pleased to announce that MineSpud, after many hours of work, sleepless nights, and dollars spent, will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

For those of you that don't know, MineSpud is a revolutionary faction bending server. What is bending you ask? Bending is the ability to manipulate the earth, water, fire and air around you. It implements a new level of PVP that is unparalleled in the realm of MineCraft. Here is the original server-trailer, we will be creating a new one within the next few months.

Within the coming weeks, we will be hiring a lot of staff and making sure that the opening MineSpud runs as smoothly as possible. We anticipate a great influx...